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Voiceovers recorded, mixed and mastered

We have a multi track digital recording facility and Rode studio vocal mics to produce voice over demos. Usually a voice reel would be 2 - 4 minutes long and may consist of some straight narrative, some ads, some character voices, maybe a story read and perhaps some drama.

We have a huge range of scripts for you to use, but would also suggest using some original or individual pieces. Your session will be taken by an experienced voice over artist.

Once recorded, your voice reel will be edited, mixed and then mastered onto CD as well as being coverted to mp3 for use in e-mails and online.

Please call to discuss your requirements.





Brad Shaw Voice Reel
Kelsey Cameron Voice Reel




Voice Reel Samples

Stephen Tate

download mp3

Damien Kell Comedy News

download mp3

Jenny Galloway Voice Reel

download mp3 

Louise White Voice Reel

download mp3

Ken Bryans Voice Reel

download mp3